NMTA AML Course for Money Transmitters - Curso ALD Para Transmisores de Dinero - En Español

The National Money Transmitters Association’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Course for Money Transmitters and Their Agents
(Disponible En Español)

For a limited time, the NMTA Basic AML online Training is free to individuals.

The password is "password."

The training includes 3 short videos and a test.

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If you are interested in larger seat-license packages or customized training, please contact David at (917) 921-9529.

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Customer Privacy and Elder Abuse modules are also available.

NMTA AML Course for Money Transmitters

Section 1 - Introduction to Anti-money Laundering:

 - What is a ‘money services business’ (or MSB)?
 - Why do MSBs need AML training?
 - What is money laundering?

Section 2 - The Main Requirements:

 - The BSA recordkeeping and reporting requirements
 - [Company-specific KYC Requirements in customized version]

Section 3 - Certain Important Concepts:

 - AML program requirements
 - Who enforces these rules?
 - Taking identification
 - “On-Behalf-of” transactions
 - Customer conversations
 - Frequently asked questions
 - The Office of Foreign Assets Control
 - Summary: How to stay out of legal trouble.

Curso ALD Para Transmisores de Dinero - En Español


Sección 1 - Introducción a la prevención del lavado de dinero

 - Que es un negocio de servicio monetario, (un “money services business,” o “MSB“)?
 - Porque es que los “MSBs” requieren entrenamiento ALD
    - (lo que en Inglés se llama “Anti-Money Laundering,” o “AML”.)
 - Que es el lavado de dinero?

Sección 2 - Los requisítos principales

 - La Ley de Secreto Bancario (the Bank Secrecy Act) (BSA)
 - Requisitos del Programa de Diligencias Ampliadas del Cliente

Sección 3 - Ciertos conceptos importantes

 - Requisitos del programa ALD
 - Solicitar identificación
 - Transacciones “A-Nombre-de”
 - Conversaciones con los Clientes
 - Preguntas Frecuentes
     (La Oficina de Control de Bienes Extranjeros)
 - Resúmen: Como mantenerse libre de problemas legales.