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Useful Multi-State Listings
50-State Licensing Survey Feb 2013, by Thomas Brown, Paul Hastings LLP
NMLS Resource Center - State Licensing
FinCEN-Maintained List of State Contact Information for MSBs
Cornell University: Financial Institutions- State Statutes page
UPenn Law Library (Old) Summary of State Regulation
Conference of State Banking Supervisors
CSBS Links to All (US) State Banking Departments
Money Transmitter Regulators Association (MTRA)
MTRA Links Page
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
NCCUSL Uniform Money Services Business Final Act- August 4, 2000
NCCUSL Money Services Act Summary Page
National Conference of State Legislatures
Links to All State Legislatures
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
National Association of Secretaries of State
Adam Atlas, Attorney: Excellent Blog on Money Transmitter Licensing by Shipkevick PLLC
Generic Sequence of State Listings:
State Legislature
State Banking Department (or its equivalent)
Our Supervisor at the Banking Department (if a distinct web page exists)
List of Licensees
Money Transmitter Laws
Money Transmitter Rules and Regulations
Money Transmitter Forms: Reporting, Application, and Bond
Departmental Bulletins
State-Specific Listings
Alabama Legislature - Official Website of the Alabama Legislature
Alabama State Banking Department - The Banking Department only regulates banks and consumer lenders (Loan Companies, Check Cashers, Mortgage Brokers. The Securities Department regulates Sale of Checks licensees, not the Banking Department. -Ed.
Alabama Securities Department
Could not find any posted list of Alabama licensees. -ed. 
Alabama Securities Act - The Sale of Checks Act
Alabama Administrative Code - Chapter 830-X-7, Sale of Checks Act
Alabama Sale of Checks Filing Instructions
Alabama License Application - (See 'Sale of Checks')
Sale of Checks Filing Instructions
Links for Form SA (Application Form) and Form SR (Renewal Form) are available from this page.
Alaska Legislature - Homepage of the Alaska Legislature
Alaska Dept. of Community and Economic Development Banking and Securities Division
Alaska Licensee List
Statutes and Regulations Money Services
Money Services Businesses (MSBs)
Chapter 06.55. Alaska Uniform Money Services Act
Alaska Applications and Forms
Arizona State Legislature - Arizona State Legislature's Home Page
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Arizona Licensee List
Arizona Revised Statues Chapter 12 - Transmitters of Money - Article 1, 6-1201 to 6-1218. (Scroll down 3/4's of the page to Chapter 12.)
Arizona License Application
Arkansas State Legislature - Arkansas State Legislature's Home Page
Arkansas State Bank Department
Arkansas Licensee Lookup
Arkansas Money Services Laws
Arkansas Uniform Money Services Act 
- January 1, 2008
Application for a Money Transmission License (Under the Arkansas Uniform Money Services Act).
California State Legislature
California Department of Financial Institutions
Directory of Money Transmitters
California s on top, scroll down for more links, FAQs, Forms, Etc.)
California Financial Code Section 2000 - The Money Transmitters Act
California Money Transmitters Forms
California Department of Financial Institutions - Monthly Bulletins 
Colorado General Assembly 
State of Colorado Department of Banking
Money Transmitters Licensee List - (Enter Company Name then select 'Money Transmitter' under Institution Type).
Colorado State Banking Board Money Transmitters Laws
Colorado Money Transmitters Act - Customer Notice
Colorado Rules and Regulations
Colorado License Application
Connecticut General Assembly 
State of Connecticut Department of Banking
Connecticut Licensee List - (Click on 'Verify a License' and then select 'Money Transmitters'.) 
Connecticut Laws - Chapter 668 part V 
Connecticut State Licensing Fees and Forms
Delaware State Legislature
Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Delaware List of Licensees 
Delaware State Legislature - Title 5 - Chapter 23 - Banking, Sale of Checks and Transmission of Money. 
Delaware Sale of Checks, Transmission of Money License Application
District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking (DISB) 
District of Columbia (Washington DC) Licensee Search - (Enter Company Name then select 'Money Transmitters' under Office Type.)
District of Columbia Official Code - Title 26 - Chapter 10 - (Click on 'Title 26' then click on 'Chapter 10. Money Transmissions'.) 
Chapter 22 Money Transmitters - These rules amend Title 26A, Banking and Financial Institutions
District of Columbia (Washington DC) License Application
Florida Legislature - This is the Online Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature 
Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Division of Finance
Florida Money Transmitter Search - (Select money transmitters as license type).
The Florida Laws
Florida Regulations
Florida Money Services Business Forms
OFR-560-01 - Application to Register as a Money Services Business
OFR-560-02 - Location Notification Form
OFR-560-03 - Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions
OFR-560-04 - Money Services Business Quarterly Report Form
OFR-560-05 - Pledge Agreement
OFR-560-06 - Money Services Business Surety Bond Form
OFR-560-07 - Security Device Calculation Form
Georgia Assembly
Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
Georgia Licensee List - For a full downloadable list, Scroll to bottom of page, click on MoneySvc.Zip).
Georgia Code  - (See Chapter 1 of Title 7, go to Article 4).
Georgia Senate Bill 70 - passed.
Final Regulations  - (Effective September 5, 2007).
Georgia Forms
Hawaii State Legislature
Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) - Division of Financial 
Hawaii List of Licensees
Hawaii Law and Regulations
Hawaii State Legislature - SB2143  SD2  HD1  CD1 - Status - Reported to have been signed by the Governor on June 02, 2006  (Effective 07/01/2007).
Hawaii Revised Statutes -Money Transmitters Act - Chapter 489D (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'next' to view each section. Very inconvenient. The next -ed.) Posted 1/08/2009.
HRS Chapter 489D - Money Transmitters Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Report to the Legislature on Money Transmitters(Effective 01/01/2009).
Hawaii Administrative Rules
Hawaii Money Transmitters Applications/Forms
Idaho State Legislature
Idaho Department of Finance 
Idaho Licensee List 
Idaho Laws and Statutes
Money Transmitters Applications/Forms
Illinois General Assembly - Illinois General Assembly's Home Page
Illinois Banking Department 
Illinois Licensee List
Illinois Rules & Regulations
State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
Illinois State Law - (205 ILCS 657/1) - the Transmitters of Money Act.
Indiana State Legislature
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Indiana Licensee List - (Under 'Select Type' choose 'Money Transmitter' on drop down menu).
Indiana Money Transmitters Act
Indiana License Application
Iowa State Legislature
Iowa Division of Banking (IDOB) 
Iowa Licensee List - (Choose 'Money Services' under 'License Type', leave all other fields blank).
Uniform Money Services Act
Iowa License Application
Kansas State Legislature
Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner (OSBC) 
Kansas Licensee List
Kansas Statutes
Kansas Regulations
Kansas License Application Forms - (Scroll down 3/4's of the page to 'Other Application Forms').
   Money Transmitter License - New
   Money Transmitter License - Renewal
Kentucky Legislature - Kentucky Legislature's Home Page
Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions
Kentucky Licensee List (Enter 'Money Transmitter' under 'Office Type').
Kentucky Money Transmitters Act of 2006 - (Signed into law 04/24/2006 - The existing Sale of Checks Act, KRS Chapter 366, will be repealed effective Oct. 1, 2006).
Kentucky Revised Statutes - Chapter 286.11
Kentucky License Application
Louisiana Legislature - The Web Portal to the Louisiana State Legislature
Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
Louisiana Licensee List - (See 'Sale of Checks').
Louisiana License Application
Louisiana State Law 
Maine Legislature - Maine Legislature's Home Page
Maine Banking Department
Maine Licensee List
Maine Money Transmitters Act - Title 32 - Chapter 80. (Also see 'Money Transmitters Act'- Chapter 80 - Subchapter 1).
Maine Consumer Credit Code - Title 9 - A - Including 'Money Transmitters'.
Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation - Consumer Credit Regulation.
Maine License Application - Money Transmitters and Money Order/Travelers Check Issuers.
Maryland General Assembly - Maryland General Assembly's Home Page 
Maryland Licensee List - (check off money transmitters in category section)
Maryland Money Transmission Act - Title 12. Miscellaneous Institutions and Activities - Subtitle 4.
Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Maryland License Application
Massachussetts Legislature 
Massachusetts Division of Banks - Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR).
Money Transmitter Laws, and Application Forms
Starting on April 16, 2012, the Division of Banks will expand its use of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) to manage Check Seller, Debt Collector, Foreign Transmittal Agency, Insurance Premium Finance Company, Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Company, Retail Installment Finance Company and Small Loan Company licenses. Effective March 30, 2012, the Division of Banks will no longer accept paper applications for the above mentioned debt collector, consumer finance company and money services businesses licenses.  As of April 16, 2012 those companies wishing to apply for licensure must do so through NMLS.  Any paper company application received after March 30th will be returned to the applicant.  Please direct all inquiries to nmls©
OCABR Find-a-Licensee Page
Michigan Legislature - Michigan Legislature's Home Page
Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
Michigan Licensee List
Michigan Statutes - (See 'Sale of Checks Act').
Money Transmission Services Act FAQ's
Michigan Money Transmission Services Forms - (Scroll down to Money Transmission Services Providers).
Minnesota State Legislature - Minnesota State Legislature's Home Page
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Minnesota Licensee List
Chapter 53B. - Minnesota Money Transmitters Act
Minnesota License Application
Mississippi Legislature - Mississippi Legislature's Home Page
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance (DBCF)
Mississippi List of Licensees
Mississippi Money Transmitter Act 
Mississippi License Application 
Missouri General Assembly - Missouri General Assembly's Home Page--includes bill tracking and state statutes.
Missouri Division of Finance
Missouri Licensee List - (Select "money order/ transfer" under type).
Chapter 12 - Sale of Checks (Money Order) Licensees.
Missouri Applications and Forms - (See 'Sale of Checks' - Includes the law and the regulation). 
Montana Legislature - Montana Legislative Branch Home Page
Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions (DOA) 
Montana - Currently no regulation of money transfer.
Nebraska Legislature - Nebraska Legislature Online
State of Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance (NDBF)
Nebraska Licensee List
Nebraska Statutes
Nebraska Applications and Forms
Nevada Legislature - Nevada Legislature Web Site
State of Nevada - Division of Financial Institutions
Nevada Licensee List - (choose "public search" then select "Search by Name for a Specified License Type" and choose "Money Transmitter" as License type).
Nevada Statutes
Nevada Regulations
Nevada License Application
New Hampshire General Court - New Hampshire General Court's Home Page
State of New Hampshire Banking Department - Bank Commissioner's Office
New Hampshire Licensee List -
Scroll down to Licensee Listing and select money transmitters.
New Hampshire Licencing of Money Transmitters
New Hampshire Complete Money Transmitter Application Form - (Includes all forms).
Individual Money Transmitter License Forms
New Jersey Legislature - New Jersey State Legislature's Home Page
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (NJDoBI) 
New Jersey Licensee Search - Select money transmitter as license type.
New Jersey Administrative Code - Go to Title 3 Banking, Chapter 27 Money Transmitters.
New Jersey Statutes - Go to 17:15C1-27
Money Transmitter Applications and Forms
New Mexico Legislature - New Mexico Legislature Web Site
New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department - Financial Institutions Division
New Mexico -Currently no license required, unless there is a negotiable instrument. 
State of New Mexico 58-20-1 - Business of selling negotiable checks, drafts and money orders regulated.
New York State Assembly - New York State Assembly's Web Site
New York State Money Transmitter Application 2011 (most recent as of 9/21/2012 -ed.)
Money Transmitter Application Form Instructions
New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS)
New York State DFS Money Transmitter Information and Resources
New York Licensee List
Article 13-B - Transmitters of Money (Laws of New York - Click on BNK for Banking, then Article 13-B - (640 - 652-B) for Transmitters of Money).
New York License Application (Includes law and regulations. Click on 'Money Transmitters').
New York State Banking Dept. - Weekly Bulletin
Industry Letters
   Industry Letter - Money Transmitters With No Physical Presence in New York - March 31, 2011
North Carolina General Assembly - North Carolina General Assembly's Home Page
North Carolina Commissioner of Banks
North Carolina Licensee List
North Carolina Money Transmitter Act
North Carolina Applications and Forms
North Dakota Legislative Branch - Home Page - Information relating to the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council
 North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
North Dakota Licensee List
North Dakota Law Chapter 13-09 Money Transmitters
North Dakota Money Transmitter Application - (Scroll down 3/4's of the page, and see 'Money Transmitter Application'. This application consists of four portable document format (.pdf) files).
Ohio General Assembly - Ohio General Assembly Online
Ohio Department of Commerce - Financial Institutions Division
Ohio Licensee List 
Ohio Laws and Regulations
Ohio Applications and Forms
Oklahoma Legislature - Oklahoma Legislature's Home Page
Oklahoma State Banking Department
Oklahoma Money Transmitter Licensee List
Oklahoma Money Order Licensee List
Oklahoma Money Transmitter Statutes
Oklahoma Money Transmitter Rules
Text of Final Rules - (Effective May 11, 2007).
Text of Oklahoma Financial Transaction Reporting Act
Oklahoma Sale of Checks Act
Oklahoma Money Transmitter Forms and Applications
Oregon State Legislature - Oregon State Legislature's Home Page 
Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
Oregon Licensee List
Oregon Rules & Statutes
Oregon License Application
Pennsylvania General Assembly - Pennsylvania General Assembly's Home Page
Pennsylvania Department of Banking - No Pennsylvania Licensee List can be found. -ed.
Pennsylvania Money Transmitter page 
Puerto Rico House of Representatives - Puerto Rico House of Representatives home page
Puerto Rico Licensee List
Puerto Rico License Application
Puerto Rico Oficina del Comisionado de Instituciones Financieras
Puerto Rico Laws
Ley para Regular Negocio de Transferencias Monetarias
Puerto Rico Regulations
Rhode Island General Assembly - Rhode Island General Assembly's Home Page
Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation Home Page
Rhode Island Licensee List - (Please note that all types of RI licensees are grouped together).
Rhode Island Title 19 - Financial institutions
Regulation 98-14 - Licensees
Banking & Securities Regulation
License Applications
South Carolina General Assembly - This is the home page for the South Carolina General Assembly.
South Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banking 
South Carolina - Currently no regulation of money transfer or check selling.
SC Needs a bill now!
South Dakota Legislature - South Dakota Legislature Home Page
South Dakota Division of Banking Home Page
South Dakota Dept of Labor and Regulations - Money Transmitters
Requirements for Licensure
Renewal of License
Licensee Changes Which Must Be Reported
Laws and Rules
List of Current Licensees
South Dakota Money Order Businesses - Money Order Business Links: Application, Laws, Rules, List of Money Order Business Licensees
Money Transmitter License Application
Tennessee General Assembly - Tennessee General Assembly's Home Page
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Tennessee Licensee List
Tennessee Rules & Regulations 
- Chapter 0180-26
Tennessee License Application
Texas Legislature - Texas Legislature Online
Texas Department of Banking
Texas Department of Banking - Money Services Businesses Home Page - (-ed. Includes Application and Forms, Licensee List, Statutes and Rules. See left menu for Statutes and Rules, Texas Finance Code - Chapter 151 and Chapter 278. Texas Administrative Code - Title 7. Chapter 33.)
Texas License Application
Utah State Legislature - Utah State Legislature's Home Page
Utah Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Utah Licensee List
Rule R331-14. Rule Governing Parties Who Engage in the Business of Issuing and Selling Money Orders, Traveler's Checks, and Other Instruments for the Purpose of Effecting Third-Party Payments.
Utah Code - Title 07. Chapter 01. General Provisions
Vermont Legislature - Vermont Legislature's Home Page
State of Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration
Vermont Licensee List search  
Vermont Statutes -
Title 8: Banking and Insurance. Chapter 79: Money Services
Vermont Applications and Forms - Select the forms under: "Jurisdiction Specific Forms"
Virginia General Assembly - Virginia General Assembly's Home Page
Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions
Virginia Licensee List
Code of Virginia 
- Title 6.1 - Banking and Finance. Chapter 12 - Money Order Sales and Money Transmission Services
Virginia License Application  
Washington State Legislature - Washington State Legislature's Home Page
Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Money Transmitters and Currency Exchangers - Everything you need to know is linked from this page.
Washington Licensee Search select money transmitters
Uniform Money Services Act - Chapter 19.230
Regulation of Money Services Providers 
- Chapter 208-690
Applications for Money Transmitters and Currency Exchangers
West Virginia Legislature - West Virginia Legislature's Home Page
West Virginia Division of Banking
Currency Exchange, Currency Transmission, Money Transportation and Check Cashing Licensee Information
* ed. No West Virginia Licensee List can be found
West Virginia Code - Chapter 32a. Land Sales; False Advertising; Issuance and Sale af Checks, Drafts, Money Orders, Etc.
Article 2. Checks and Money Order Sales, Money Transmission Services, Transportation and Currency Exchange.
West Virginia License Application
Wisconsin State Legislature - Wisconsin State Legislature's Home Page
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
Wisconsin Licensee List - (See 'Sellers of Checks')
Wisconsin Application
Wisconsin Application Instructions
Wisconsin Statutes & Rules - (Select Chapter 217 from left menu to start at the beginning).
Wyoming State Legislature - Wyoming State Legislature's Home Page
State of Wyoming Department of Audit - Division of Banking
Wyoming Licensee List
Title 40 - Chapter 22 - Wyoming Money Transmitters Act
Wyoming Rules & Regulations 
- (Under program scroll down to 'Money Transmitters')
Wyoming License Application