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Miscellaneous AML Resources

Conferences and Events


MSB Compliance, Inc.


Wikipedia article on Anti-money laundering. ...and some interesting links.

Cornell Law School - Great legal resource.

Library of Congress - THOMAS

MoneyGram Anti-Money Laundering Page

Also see various other compliance guides on this page, such as MoneyGram's:
Independent Review Checklist

FinCEN BSA Presentation - by Alan Cox & Anna Fotias

Compliance Alert

Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee - President's Board, mostly for banks: "Working with appropriate members of financial institution regulatory agencies, coordinate efforts to improve the reliability and security of financial information infrastructure."

Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council

Money Laundering Alert - US money laundering publication, website, seminars.

Money Laundering Bulletin - UK money laundering publication. Approximately 16 pages per issue, 10 issues per year.

FindLaw (Home page)
Watters v. Wachovia Bank No. 05-1342

Interesting Info Sites

Interesting Info Sites

Organizations, Publications and Educational Resources

Links to National Money Transmitters Associations and MSB Associations

United Kindom Money Transmitters Association (UKMTA) Conference Papers

Depository Institution Trade Associations

ABA - American Bankers Association

BBA - British Bankers Association

BAFT - Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade

- Independent Community Bankers of America

IFSA - International Financial Services Association

FIBA - Florida International Bankers Association

- Financial Services Roundtable

CSBS - Conference of State Bank Supervisors

CBA - Consumer Bankers Association

- Mortgage Bankers Association

CUNA - Credit Union National Association

- National Association of Federal Credit Unions

NASCUS - National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors

- World Council of Credit Unions, Inc.

Consumer Resources

FSVC - The Financial Services Volunteer Corps

- Federal Trade Commission

NCLC - National Consumer Law Center

ACORN - Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACAMS - Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

BankersOnLine.com - Good resource. Click here to see a page of their interesting postings.

Bryant & Associates, LLC - Risk mitigation firm.

Cool Lists: Recent Major Fines and Penalties
Senior Foreign Political Figures (SFPFs) or Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Scandals